Pupil Premium 2014-2015

In 2011-2012 The Government launched the Pupil Premium Funding.


Funding is allocated in 3 categories:

1.  Free School Meal Children

2.  Looked After Children

3.  Children from Service families


The money is provided to ensure pupils reach their full potential both academically and socially.


In 2014-2015 Moorside Infant School received £17,700. Funding is being spent in the following way:


Funding spent on:



Additional TA hours, 2 hours each class per week.

Identifying needs and providing support for Vulnerable children


Y2 interventions, 1 hour per week.

Specific 1:2 Reading intervention addressing children’s needs and enhancing progress (spring term)

£ 900

Additional learning support materials.


To support children’s understanding and development. To ensure different learning styles are supported.


Home/School link worker.

Support for families and children including FSM, LAC and Service families.


Curriculum enhancement, theatre groups, workshops, trips.

To broaden experiences.


Busy Bees Nurture groups

3x afternoon per week

1x morning

Additional resources (equipment and for the room)



To provide specific emotional input to enhance children’s well-being or to provide literacy and numeracy support for all pupil premium children.









Staff release time to monitor impact and liaise between staff.

Ensure that provision is closely matched to children’s needs and leads to improved outcomes.






FSM= 11,  Service children = 5,  LAC = 0


2015   Impact of additional support in Y2

11.4% of the cohort were eligible for FSM (4/35)   APS of FSM = 15.0       APS of non FSM = 16.5 


Boys APS = 15.9   ¾ FSM children were boys and APS gap is closer to the boys score. Progress from starting points is better than expected. All 4 FSM reached expected level in all areas except 1 boy in writing. FSM APS this year up from 14.2 last year to 15.0 (Compare to Nat data when available).


5.7% cohort were supported by service funding and made better than expected progress in all areas and attained in line with end of Y2 expectations.


Y1 PP 1 child made accelerated progress to catch up with peers and just reached into end of year expectations.


FS: PP children reaching GLD = 45.4% non PP GLD =53.8% Gap closing from starting points due to additional support.


Increased confidence, social and emotional skills and well-being noted in all PP children. See SE file for details.