Physical Education and Sports Funding 2015-2016

The Government is providing additional funding of £150million per annum for the last three years to improve provision for physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding, provided jointly by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport is allocated to primary school headteachers.


At Moorside Infant School we provide opportunities for our children to take part in extra sports activities and events. We encourage children to take part and hope to improve these opportunities and increase participation levels, particularly from those children who do not engage in any sporting activities. We will also further develop opportunities for children to develop healthy lifestyles, appreciate their environment and extend positive engagement in their learning.


How we will spend the funding?

In 2015/16 we received £8,360 as our funding allocation which has been spent as follows:


Money to be spent


Intended outcomes


  • I-pads for videoing and photographs to contribute to feedback and assessment
  • Top up inside and outside PE equipment




  • Increased skills development and motivation towards new sporting activities
  • Increase in active and purposeful engagement in sporting activities

Increasing opportunities for children to engage in sporting activities

  • Dance/drama workshops
  • Gymnastics coaching in school PE lessons
  • Multi-sports coaching in school PE lessons
  • Whole school visit to Outdoor Pursuits centre Bewerley Park











  • Improved skills and introduce new skills and new challenges
  • Professional Development for staff
  • Increased opportunities for children
  • High quality input for children and increased participation and attendance in sporting activities

Introducing competitions

  • Organise a whole school gymnastics competition
  • Organise and host an inter-school gymnastics competition
  • Attend cluster competitions for Cross Country and Mini Olympics








  • Widen experiences and opportunities for children
  • Extend staff skills
  • Develop children’s sense of well-being and self confidence
  • Increased enjoyment and participation in sporting activities

Promoting and engaging in Local/National sporting initiatives or events

  • Whole school sports event in Global week (July)







  • Increased enjoyment and participation in sporting activities
  • Develop children’s sense of well-being and self confidence

Active Lunchtimes

  • Providing Supply cover to release Subject Leader to organise a lunchtime programme of sporting activities at lunchtimes
  • Training for lunchtime staff




  • Range of organised activities to develop and enhance healthy lifestyles and choices
  • Increased involvement and enjoyment of sporting activities
  • Development of skills of lunchtime staff
  • Training of Y5 Young Leaders




How will we measure the Impact?


The impact of the funding will be considered in terms of the following areas:


  • Achievement in weekly PE lessons.
  • Increased participation and confidence in sports activities and in competitive school sport.
  • Personal Health and Well-being.
  • Improved attitudes and behaviour towards learning new skills and activities which will reflect on classroom learning.


 Impact of Sports Premium Funding 2015-16