School Day

School begins at 9.00am. The outside bell is rung at 8.55am when children line up quietly. Teachers will come onto the playground to take children into school. Teachers can take a quick message at this time, but unless an urgent matter, appointments should be made for longer discussions. Children remain a parent’s responsibility until the doors are open and they come into the classroom with staff.


Any child arriving after 9.15am is noted late on the register. Regular late or poor attenders are referred to the Headteacher for further action.


School ends at 3.15pm. We ask that an adult is there to meet your child at that time. If the person is unknown to the school, please mention it to the teacher and ensure that your child knows who to expect, if unexpected circumstances arise, you must inform school who will be picking your child up. We will need your confirmation first before letting children go home with someone different. Infant children will not be allowed to leave school on their own or with any child under 16.


The normal school timetable is:

  • School starts 9.00am
  • Morning Break 10.30-10.45am
  • Lunch Break 12.00-1.00pm
  • Afternoon Break 2.30- 2.45pm
  • School Finishes 3.15pm

23 hours 45 minutes are spent on teaching during the normal school week. This does not include dinner and break times. Afternoon break times are often flexible. At least two members of staff are on playground duty to look after the pupils during morning and afternoon breaks. At lunchtime the children are supervised by four lunchtime assistants. Normal assembly time is 10.15am but for the class assemblies parents are invited to, these will start at 9.10am.