KONFLUX THEATRE WORKSHOPS - Thursday 23rd April 2015

All classes went on a magical drama journey when Konflux Theatre came to visit!


Class 1 rushed to the airport with their suitcases, tickets and passports to board a bumpy plane ride. Class 1 said "It was really, really good fun when the plane rocked side to side!"


Class 2 were transported to Treasure Island where they met a sad pirate and snappy crocodiles in the swamp.  Isaac said "I was a quick thinking pirate and I crept around the edge of the snappy swamp!"


Class 3 jetted off to the frosty North Pole and met one of Santa's elves making all the toys.  Perry said "I've had lots of fun stomping around like the toy dinosaurs and robots".


Class 4 made fantastic snowmen in the cold snow and had fun helping people in their adventures. Riley said "My favourite part was the bumpy plane ride".