Executive Headteacher:

Early Years Lead:

KS1 Lead:

FS1 (Nursery) Teachers:

FS2 (Reception) Teacher:


Class 1 Teacher (Y2):

Class 2 Teacher (Y1/Y2):

Class 3 Teacher (Y1):


Forest School












Admin Team:



Senior Mid-day Supervisor:

Mid-day Supervisors:







School Cook:

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Chair of Governors:

Clerk to Governors:

Mrs L White

Mrs H Jackson            

Mrs N Wilkinson                                                                     


Mrs H Jackson & Mrs K Entwistle

Miss A Cameron


Mrs J Hunton

Mrs N Wilkinson

Mrs L Lodge and Mrs R Goss


Mrs R Goss



Mrs B Taylor-Connor



Miss S Lile

Mrs N Horner

Miss C Barsby

Mrs E Thompson

Miss S Heald

Mrs V Burke

Miss Z Brown


Mrs J Pawley

Mrs P Dunn

Mrs C Baxter


Mrs P Gregory

Miss S Lile

Mrs N Horner

Miss S Heald

Mrs V Burke

Mrs G Alexander



Mrs E Binks

Mrs R Haswell

Mrs L Hampshire


Mrs P Gregory

Mrs L Hampshire


Mr D Browning


Mrs M Kelly

Mrs A Praud


School Health Team

The school works closely with the School's Health Team. Every pupil is screened for vision, hearing and general growth in their Reception year. Parents may contact the health team through school at any time to discuss concerns they may have about their child’s health and development.