School Council

The children in each class chose two children to be their representatives on our School Council. Here are some of the things they have been involved with:

Firstly, the School Council were introduced to everyone in assembly at the start of the year. They explained to everyone what they would be doing and how they could help. They made a display board in school to remind everyone about their important role.


Friends of School gave us some funds to top up our playtime equipment. The School Council did a great job finding out what children wanted to play with and researched where to buy the equipment from. Playtimes are much more fun now thanks to the Friends of School and the School Council.


The School Council put together a leaflet after anti-bullying week. They collected ideas from each class and the final leaflet went home with every child to share with their parents/carers. The important message was that we want ‘Buddies not Bullies at Moorside Infants’.


The School Council asked the classes about how we could help them if they had any concerns or worries. They decided to introduce a ‘worry box’ to each class so children could share any concerns they had with the adults and/or children in their class.


After Book Week the School Council chose new books for their classes from the money raised at the Book Fair. They carefully selected the books and the classes have really enjoyed reading the new books.