Moorside School Vision, Mission and Values

 Our aspirational vision for every child at Moorside:-


o To become confident, lifelong learners, willing to explore, question and engage with 


o To find solutions through collaboration and resilience.

o To demonstrate respect for others, their world and themselves.


 Our mission at Moorside, is to:


* Provide a flexible, enriching and challenging curriculum.

* Open children's minds through the views, experiences, ideas and beliefs of others.

* Create an environment able to inspire inquiry and promote a breadth of learning experiences.

* Surround children with the best educators and specialists.

* Understand how our children learn and teach each as an individual.


 Our values at Moorside:-


1. Be kind

2. Be positive

3. Show respect

4. Take responsibility

5. Take PRIDE in what you do

6. Co-operate